The Future Affairs Administration (FAA) is a professional SF cultural brand in China. With our core business being SF writing development and IP development & agency, the FAA takes efforts in organizing online and offline events such as SF workshops, creative writing camps, international communications, etc. Furthermore, the FAA also works on providing consultation for SF film/TV projects and other IP development. Our main focus to promote SF culture in China by building a community and a dynamic eco-system that would lead to a Golden Age for Chinese SF


未来事务管理局也是一个专业的科幻发表平台,发表包括中英文小说、评论和采访等内容。2017年,未来事务管理局被认证为中国唯一的SFWA合格市场。积极引进不同语种的科幻小说,包括与韩国杂志开展小说交换计划,联络并引进俄语、日语小说等。2018年,FAA出品了中文杂志Time Non-Exist和英文杂志Future- Science Fiction Digest,并持续出版各类科幻图书。

The FAA has a professional publishing platform for both Chinese and English SF stories, reviews, critiques, interviews and feature coverage. Being the only qualifying market of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) in China since 2017, the FAA constantly introduces SF works from a variety of origins, as well as publishing a range of SF books. With the exchange program with Korean online magazine Mirror in progress, fictions from Russia and Japan will soon join in. In 2018, the FAA announced our first Chinese language magazine Time Non-Exist and the first English language magazine Future – Science Fiction Digest.


What we can do for you


The FAA is dedicated to helping SF creators with their development. By doing so we hope to build the first community for SF creators and to provide a healthy eco-system for professionals.


Chinese Agency of Hugo and Nebula Awards winning/nominated works

FAA代理大量雨果奖、星云奖提名及获奖作品的中文版权。including “The City Born Great” (N. K. Jemisin), “Spar” (Kij Johnson),Ponies” (Kij Johnson), “10^16 to 1” (James Patrick Kelly), “In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind” (Sarah Pinsker), “Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea” (Sarah Pinsker), “Different Kinds of Darkness” (David Langford, etc.


The FAA translates and acts as a Chinese agency for Hugo and Nebula Awards winning/nominated works in the Chinese market, including “The City Born Great” (N. K. Jemisin), “Spar” (Kij Johnson),Ponies” (Kij Johnson), “10^16 to 1” (James Patrick Kelly), “In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind” (Sarah Pinsker), “Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea” (Sarah Pinsker), “Different Kinds of Darkness” (David Langford, etc.

One of the FAA’s publishing platform is the “Non-Exist”, which is the most influential new media brand with a focus on SF in Chinese SF community. It has over 2.5 million followers and 25 million viewership per month on multiple platforms.

The FAA provides opportunities for writers to have more Chinese readers and fans, so that you can exploit the Chinese SF market, raise the popularity in China, and achieve more potential cooperation.


中国科幻小说代理与开发 Agency and development of Chinese SF




The signed authors of the FAA include well-known writers such as Liu Cixin and Han Song, as well as young writers who are fresh to this genre. We now possess an asset of more than 300 copyrights.

For magazines and publishing groups, the FAA is glad to cooperate with you in a variety of forms like exchange program, publish program, etc.

For people who are interested in the development of Chinese SF stories, the FAA can provide the copyright cooperation and proceed IP development together. Now the FAA is working on the adaptations of signed writers’ works in the form of films, TV series, animations, comics, podcasts, picture books, stage plays, etc. We have been working closely with Liu Cixin on a franchise called Three-Body Cosmos, and are now in the process of producing a comic series. The Fire Keeper Studio is established for the IP development of Liu Cixin’s SF fairytale. Furthermore, sub-companies and studios have been established together with writers such as Han Song, for the film adaptations of their works.


Creative writing camps



There will be 3-4 camps annually, each lasting for 2-3 days. SF creators will have a chance to visit scientific research institutions or embark on a trip to cultural wonders. Participants are expected to finish a piece of SF work afterwards and the FAA will pay a reasonable price for it. There have been about 100 participants so far.

In 2018, writers from around the world (including from within China) journeyed with us to Hangzhou and the Danzhai Wanda Village. There they learned about cutting-edge technologies and the interaction between traditional culture and science fiction. Their stories will soon be published as collections.


Guests:Ian R. MacLeod, Lawrence M. Schoen, Derek Künsken, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Samantha Murray, A. M. Dellamonica, Kelly Robson, Han Song, Gu Congyun


– Derek Künsken: This was the first time I was in a rural area of China, or in the mountains, and I was struck by how green and growing the nature seemed. The Miao village Peiguo high in the mountains was astonishing in its beauty, standing on the edge of a field of mountain ridges that went on until the cloudy haze hid the furthest ones. I included these views in my story, along with the endless terraces of rice fields.

– Kelly Robson: It’s a terrific trip and a unique opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world that I otherwise would never have gotten anywhere near. The FAA staff were so fun to spend time with, and I have loved keeping in touch with them after the trip via WeChat. I recommend this trip with all my heart, and urge you not to miss it!


Chinese language magazine: Non-Exist

系列图书,每本围绕一个不同主题,收揽国内外经典科幻作品。第一期《时间不存在》即将出版,集结关于时间的一切经典科幻小说,作者包括Robert Silverberg, Robert J. Sawyer, Gary Westfahl, Ian Watson, James E Gunn, Ken Liu,投稿作者的作品将以中文发表。第三期《猫不存在》正在征稿中。

The Non-Exist is a series of books produced and published by FAA. Every issue features a topic, presenting classic SF stories from China and abroad. The first issue Time Non-Exist is coming soon, collecting stories about time written by Robert Silverberg, Robert J. Sawyer, Gary Westfahl, Ian Watson, James E Gunn, and Ken Liu. These stories will be published in Chinese. The third issue Cat Non-Exist is now open for submission.


Robert Silverberg

To my readers in China, you come from one of the world’s oldest civilization, I come from one of the youngest. Let us into the future together!

Robert J. Sawyer

The Future will be better than the past – and that’s no illusion!

Ian Watson

Until this year, no story of mine appeared in Chinese, so this is an exciting moment for me, at the age of 75! May your readers enjoy the story!

Gary Westfahl

Hello to the science fiction reader of China, and I hope that your own (slow) travel through time will be just as interesting and rewarding as the science fiction stories of time travel.


English language magazine: Future – Science Fiction Digest

未来事务管理局是中国唯一的SFWA合格市场。Future是未来局和UFO Publishing联合出版的英文杂志,季刊,刊登英文original小说,其中每册有一半英译作品与一半英文原创作品,主题不限。Pre-launch Issue 0已出版。Issue 1正在约稿中。

As SFWA’s only qualifying market in China, the FAA works jointly with UFO Publishing in presenting its first English quarterly magazine Future – Science Fiction Digest, featuring original English fictions as well as translated versions of original works in other languages. Pre-launch Issue 0 has been published. Issue 1 is now open for submission.


科幻春晚Chinese Sci-Fi New Year Gala


在过去的两届中,有超过20位中国科幻作家参与创作,其中包括雨果奖得主刘慈欣和郝景芳。今年的第三届科幻春晚,还邀请到来自其他文化背景的作者:刘宇昆、韩国科幻作者、《雪国列车》剧本顾问金宝英、美国作者/编辑亚历克斯·施瓦茨曼,共同参与创作。 《轨迹》(Locus)、新华社、《环球时报》英文版等媒体都对本次活动进行了相关报道。



The “Chinese Sci-Fi New Year Gala” is an annual project to invite SF writers to join in a collaborative story or to each write a stand-alone story of about 5000 words on a specific topic within 48 hours.

There have been over 20 Chinese writers participated in this project since it came into being in 2016, among them are Hugo Award winning writers Liu Cixin and Hao Jingfang. This year we are happy to have invited Ken Liu, Alex Shvartsman, and Korean SF writer Kim Bo-Young. This project has been featured by press such as Locus, Xinhua News Agency and Global Times.

Until now, the Gala has achieved over 10 million page-views on FAA’s major new media platforms. The hashtag #SFNewYearGala (#科幻春晚#) on Weibo has more than 38 million views and over 17,000 discussions. The FAA hope to have more writers participant in this program, which is a major event in SF story writing and publishing throughout the year.





The first Asia-Pacific SF Con was held by FAA in Beijing on May 19-20, 2018. This events attracted over 2,500 registered members, 140 program participants from 14 countries and over 20,000 public visitors in total. This con provides you the opportunity to communicate with Chinese scientists, experts and researchers from various domains, expand the readers and fans for your works and exploit the Chinese SF market.

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